An Excerpt of Kashif Din’s Growing Success Story


The success story of Kashif Din begins in London around 2006, but who knows where and when it will end. It’s so hard to tell because Din is constantly expanding his story, which grows more and more pervading as the years pass. He has accomplished unfathomable feats, and he still has plenty of room to grow. Hopefully his story will inspire current and future business leaders of the world.

Kashif Din is a citizen of London. It was there in the hub city that Din achieved his bachelor’s degree in business computing systems. Din challenges the theory that more education equates to more success. Instead of pursuing a master’s degree, Din decided to start his career. Only, unlike most prospective business leaders, Din launched his very own business during the final year of his undergraduate study.

Few entrepreneurs are determined and confident enough to begin straight out of college. There is always a certain risk factor in starting a business. The venture could take off and become a huge success, become a moderate success, or it could fail. To keep a business from failing, it is said that the owner needs a wide set of skills, knowledge, and experience. Even men and women with years of experience can become intimidated by the prospect of failure.

Somehow, Din’s confidence overlooked his lack of experience. Even without years of working his way up the corporate ladder and learning the mechanics of real ownership, he launched his first company. Din likes to reminisce on his younger days of being a wide eyed 19 year old with a wide imagination. He couldn’t believe he was 19 years old and handling 90,000 Euro transactions. He wasn’t even old enough to order a car from the airport, which he told his colleagues and drivers with pride.

Din’s colleagues were always shocked when he mentioned his age. It’ no wonder they were so surprised; it takes other people years to climb their way into Din’s position. His position continues to rise though, as Din did not stop with his first business. At present Din is the proud owner of 4 companies in the United Kingdom.

Perhaps Din is so successful because he tunes into his particular wants and needs as a person. Businesses tend to provide goods and services to their customers. So, if they want more sales, then the businesses must provide what the customers want. Din developed a passion for computer technology early, and he used this passion to help develop new ideas.

For example, Din launched because he was growing increasingly frustrated with other IT lending services. Din recognized what type of service he wanted. He then realized that he can’t be the only person on the globe who could benefit from a new service such as this. As a result, he took the initiative and launched the site. Within 9 months, over 1000 PR representatives were doing regular business with Din’s company.

With a mind this sharp, there’s no telling how far Din will go. His success can be attributed to his overwhelming confidence and understanding, though. Remember the success of Kashif Din if you are a business leader lacking the confidence to manifest your ideas in a product, service, or company.